Jamie Lou Stenzel, more commonly known by her stage name Au/Ra, is a singer/songwriter. Born in Ibiza and raised in Antigua, she creates alternative pop with electronic influences. Inspired by artists like the Neighbourhood, Lana Del Ray and Arctic Monkeys, she was raised by music-loving parents (her father being a producer in the electronic/trance scene and mother being a songwriter). Au/Ra decided to pursue music at the age of ten. Under the name Jamie Lou, she uploaded her covers of songs by Birdy, Taylor Swift, Lorde and more. Later, she took on the Au/Ra label, taking inspiration from a character called Aurthoreo in a Lord of the Rings fan fiction written by herself. Her first single was Concrete Jungle (2016), and she has one EP, Outsiders, which came in 2017 and consists of three tracks. Au/Ra is also featured alongside Tomime Malmquist Harket in Alan Walker's song Darkside (2018).